Rustam Qbic Paints Monumental New Mural in Oslo, Norway

by Sasha BogojevPosted on

After mainly painting in his homeland, Russian artist Rustam Qbic has spent the last couple of months traveling around the world, creating monumental murals everywhere from Australia to the Swiss Alps. Recently, he was invited to Urban Samtidskunst in Oslo, Norway, where he painted a fresh new piece, titled “Water of Life”.

Previously featured here on our blog, Qbic’s latest work took 14 days to complete and the result is an elaborate image in his unique illustrative style. Following the color setting around the building he was painting on, Qbic created a piece that speaks about finding a source of life energy, depicted by a faceless, nomad-like character that finds a waterfall and drinks from it.

Through his work, Qbic explains that he likes to pass on positive messages that can be read universally. Inspired by his own life experiences, his family and friends, his work often speaks about love, upbringing, education, knowledge, compassion and unity. Through surrealist imagery set in a fantasy-like setting, his signature characters represent moments in life that everyone can identify with.

Along with creating large murals, he is constantly working on new images, drawing highly detailed illustrations, and painting oil works on canvas. After this project, he will be traveling to Italy, and than back to Scandinavia, to paint more large-scale murals.

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