Suso33 Paints Shadow People on a Building in Bilbao, Spain

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Barcelona based multi-disciplinary artist Suso33 is constantly seeking different ways to express himself. His explorations have taken him from beginnings in the graffiti scene, to painting and performing arts, and he has become one of Spain’s most established live-painters. When he paints murals, he doesn’t think in terms of labels, whether it be “street art” or “graffiti”. To him, what’s most important is the communication of an idea, and his come in many forms and visual styles. His most recent mural in Bilbao, Spain borders on the surreal and supernatural. It portrays what looks like shadow people moving in a procession through some endless, empty wasteland. Some feel isolated, while others eventually cluster together, forming the shape of a zig-zag. This is a recurring motif in similar murals by Suso33, who uses the formations of figures to reveal hidden images. The piece took Suso33 just a few days to complete, using a very simple technique (as seen in this video) of stenciling the figures, and then carefully airbrushing their shadows. Though simple, the piece is eerie and mysterious in its depiction of a senseless flow of life. Suso33’s mural is located  at 13 Concepción street in Bilbao, Spain.

SUSO33. Mural. Bilbao 2015. SC Gallery + Art Management from SC Gallery + Art Management on Vimeo.

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