New Murals by Ernest Zacharevic Celebrate Playfulness and Curiosity

by Sasha BogojevPosted on

Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic recently spent a few days in Paris working on a new limited edition lithograph at Idem Studio. Inspired by the studio’s historical significance, the young artist spent his spare time leaving his mark on its exterior in the form of a new mural. Using brushes, he painted playful birds perching on the ivy that covers its facade. Incorporating existing elements of the architecture, his new mural creates the kind of illusion his street art has become known for.

The lithograph he created was inspired by one of the murals he painted for the Living Walls project in Atlanta last summer. Using Mondrian’s infamous geometric grids as a background, he cleverly incorporated child characters by making the painting’s structure into their playground. While glorifying children’s ability to see challenge and fun in any situation, the Lithuanian artist also paid his respects to the famous Dutch painter. During this project, he also created a fun installation that mixed found objects and wall paintings, a signature technique he has been developing on the streets of his hometown, Penang, Malaysia. After Atlanta, Zacharevic stopped by LA and NYC to create more recognizable street works, mixing child-like doodles with his recognizable spray-and-brush-built characters.

The bird mural he painted in Paris turned out to be a sort of a warm-up for a bigger piece he recently created for Urban Xchange in Penang. As seen on the early work in progress photos we’ve found on the venue’s Facebook, Zacharevic painted the same birds on a much larger scale, incorporating them into a new setting.

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