Artists Show Some of their Smallest Works to Date in “Small Wonders 4”

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Caitlin McCormack

As the saying goes, “the best things come in small packages”. Philadelphia gallery Arch Enemy Arts has challenged artists to create their smallest works to date for their annual group show, “Small Wonders”. For its fourth installment in a row, “Small Wonders 4” features over 75 small pieces by artists from all over the world, including 64 Colors, Alex Garant, Brian Mashburn, Caitlin Hackett, Caitlin McCormack, Craww, Hanna Jaeun, Maria Teicher, Matthew Greskiewicz, and many more. As with previous showings, all the work is sized under 12 inches. It’s a particularly exciting challenge for many artists whose work features meticulous details and techniques like Caitlin McCormack (featured here), who crocheted skeletons using string, glue, small steel pins and velvet, measuring just 2 inches. Other artists, like Hyper-realist painter Maria Teicher (featured here), miniaturized her large painted portraits into smaller scale drawings without sacrificing their evocative nature. Take a look at these and more works from “Small Wonders 4” below, now on view at Arch Enemy Arts in Philadelphia, PA through December 2nd, 2015.

Caitlin McCormack

Maria Teicher

Dewi Plass

Kindra Nikole

Julianna Menna

Brian Mashburn

Nathalie Lagacé

Hanna Jaeun

Caitlin Hackett

Matthew Greskiewicz

Alex Garant


Rebecca Adams

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