On View: “The Fall of the Watchers” Group Show at Arch Enemy Arts

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

David Seidman

The forces of good and evil clash in an apocalyptic new group show, “The Fall of the Watchers,” at Philadelphia’s Arch Enemy Arts. The concept of the exhibit was inspired by the Book of Enoch, an ancient Jewish text that details the tale of the Watchers, angels sent to Earth and subsequently corrupted by humanity’s hedonistic ways. While the work in “The Fall of the Watchers” is not overtly religious or even moralistic, artists like David Seidman, Caitlin Hackett, Chris Mars and Maria Teicher created a creeping, ominous mood reflective of the show’s inspiration. The participants vary greatly in style and media — from watercolor to miniature sculpture — but their work shares an underlying tension and sense of foreboding. “The Fall of the Watchers” is on view through November 2. Take a look at some work from the show below.

David Seidman

Caitlin Hackett

Chris Mars

Julianna Menna

Dan Hillier

Maria Teicher

Paul Romano

Caitlin McCormack

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