Lise Stoufflet Draws Connections In and Out of Her Paintings

by Roxanne GoldbergPosted on

When Lise Stoufflet creates an artwork, she begins with an intention. Only the titles, such as “Tous” (All) or “Magi” (Magic) offer clues as to the French artist’s original motivations to convey a concept, mood or atmosphere. As Stoufflet explains in a French-language interview with Boum Bang Magazine, the artist is often surprised by the resulting images, such as that of “Tous,” in which blindfolded men in identical blue uniforms lay on the ground, bound by hand and foot with strings.

Stoufflet uses shadows in her paintings to depict ominous moments suspended in time. Physical links like ribbons and strings that extend outside the pictorial plane and three-dimensional objects that are displayed on the ground in front of paintings invite the viewer’s experience, knowledge and imagination to complete the narrative hinted at within Stoufflet’s paintings.

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