The Sculptures and Paintings of Carlos Ramirez

by Andy SmithPosted on

The sculpted figures and paintings of Carlos Ramirez are constructed from a slew of materials and found objects. The Mexican-American artist reflects on “inequalities within Mexican-American communities and champions the common man as underdog.” The artists counts among his influences: tattoo art, Oaxacan sign painting, vintage revolutionary posters, and much more.

“His work is tremendously resourceful, scavenging abandoned desert environs for creative materials such as discarded signs, wood, and corrugated metal that he reconfigures, often juxtaposing pirated images and text with his original artwork and collaged elements,” his site says. “The work is replete with layers and textures intertwined with the political while being disguised as popular. Works include a combination of house paint, sparkly stickers, handwritten bilingual text, rusted bottle caps, discarded packaging, and an iconic stylized use of acrylic paint with deeply layered figurative workings.”

See more of his work on his website.

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