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On April 30th, Leontia Gallery in London will follow their previous group show "FLESH" (covered here) with "CONSUME". The show highlights accomplished urban artists whose works generally make a satirical message about consumerism- Schoony, Magnus Gjoen, Rococo Wonderland, Juan Barletta, Carne Griffiths, and Jean-Luc Almond. They simultaneously poke fun at society, while promoting change by confronting us with its lunacy and problems. Ironically, some of these artists have become celebrities among the celebrity-obsessed lifestyle they satirize.
Closing today at Leontia Gallery in London, "FLESH" exhibits sensual, raw and dark new works by Magnus Gjoen, Flora Borsi, Maria Koshneneko, Mariska Karto. Their pieces examine the beautiful and fragile, haunting and disturbing aspects of the figure, reinterpreted in a variety of media. Each sheds new light on this classical idea, by embracing it with contemporary and pop styles mixed with the influences of fine art.

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