“On Track” New Mural by Bumblebeelovesyou x KETS

by CaroPosted on

Los Angeles based artists and friends Bumblebeelovesyou (featured here) and KETS recently completed a mural that unites their aesthetics of ‘graffiti’ and ‘street art’. Bumblebee incorporates social messages into his stencil graffiti and street installations, while KETS represents with spray-painted graffiti. The image is of a bee-striped boy playing with his toy train next to tracks alongside the 110 freeway. A street artist’s career is never a dull one and this mural was no different. On the experience of collaborating, Bumblebee shared, “The challenge about painting this piece besides how big it is, was the location the mural is in. It’s located in a part of Los Angeles that you mostly hear about in rap songs, specifically South Central. There was a story for every day we painted. A surreal moment for me was when I was 20ft up on the ladder painting at night when off in the distance I could see a small crowd of people walking towards our wall. All of sudden they broke out some cans and started bombing the wall net to ours. We exchanged respectful head nods, and they finished, packed up, and went on their way. That was when I knew I was in the real, real LA.” If you’re feeling brave and would like to visit the mural, it’s approximate address is the Slauson Ave exit off the 110 N FWY in southern Los Angeles, CA.

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