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Darel Carey takes something as simple as a line and creates new worlds and dimensions. The artist says that the work is partially intended to transform the space it inhabits, taking a flat surface and crafting entirely new depth. His projects have recently appeared in the Museum of Selfies, Edwardsville Arts Center, and other spaces. These spacial explorations share a kinship with the work of Felipe Pantone and others who alter everyday canvases.
Greece-based artist Wild Drawing has a knack for creating absorbing, off-kilter murals on multiple surfaces. He also tends to use otherwise nondescript elements of structures and recontextualizes them, matching hues and creating depth otherwise not present on his enormous canvases. The artist often implements cerebral themes, offering universal, approachable work on walls across the world.
Los Angeles artist Katy Ann Gilmore has a background in both art and mathematics, using that knowledge to craft work that looks at "the relationship between 2D, perpendicular planes and their distortions into 3D space.” Her drawings add illusions and a context to otherwise ordinary and flat spaces.
Aakash Nihalani’s street installations and gallery works give the illusion of three dimensions and a more malleable reality, allowing passers-by to inspect and engage with his new perspectives. The artist uses acrylic and Flashe paints to create these seemingly simple geometric forms. Nihalani was last featured on here.
Venice-based artist Manuel Di Rita, who works under the moniker Peeta, creates illusionary paintings that create new dimensions out of the walls and canvases they inhabit. Whether he’s using spraypaint, oils, or or acrylic latex house paint on wood panels in the jungle, the artist is able to play with the existing architecture and perspectives to create entirely new ones. At times, he works with the geometric art of Joys to create playful collaborations in dynamic dialogue.

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