Violaine & Jeremy’s Intricate Graphite Drawings

by Ysabelle CheungPosted on

Whimsical worlds are neatly constructed in the works of French illustration and graphics duo Violaine Orsoni and Jeremy Schneider, better known as Violaine & Jeremy. Out of their hand-drawn pieces fly portraits bursting with personality: anthropomorphized woodland creatures, or human faces revealing character quirks with simple props — a crown of leaves and branches, a raven perched on a shoulder — a subtle nod to the vintage-style portraiture.

Rendered mostly in black and grey graphite on paper, these pencil illustrations are both commercial commissions and part of their body of personal work, indicating a strong aesthetic current throughout their projects. The two, who operate as a studio based out of Paris, also dabble in typography and count a myriad projects in their catalogue, from fashion design to album covers.

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