The Strange, Satirical Illustrations of Alex Gamsu Jenkins

by Andy SmithPosted on

London artist Alex Gamsu Jenkins crafts vibrant, satirical illustrations that play on several aspects of the Western experience. His absurd scenes often dismantle and manipulate the human body, with both bleak and humorous results. Much of the artist’s recent work, in particular, seems to tackle our reliance on technology and its eventual implications.

“I would describe my work as exploring satirical and critical subject matter through a distinctive and vivid style,” the artist says. “I try to avoid the pretence but wallow in humour, whilst touching on the absurd and surreal.”

He’s illustrated pieces for The New York Times, VICE, NME, Mother Jones, VANS, and others. Jenkins is a 2015 graduate of the Camberwell College of Arts. On his site, the artist says he is “from (and stuck in) the suburbs of South London.”

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