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Spanish artist Aryz has created massive public art across the world over the past few years. His style, a blend of pop art and vibrant surrealism, looms over city streets and waterways in recent stops in China, the Netherlands, and Belgium. The piece "Axis," above, part of the Back to School Project, was created three months ago in Chongqing in southwestern China.
We recently spotted Aryz's massive wall at the We AArt mural festival in Denmark (see our coverage here) and shortly after, the prolific Spanish artist traveled to Vilnius, Lithuania to paint a new mural for the Vilnius Street Art Festival. Aryz took an atypical route in the creation of this piece: though it appears geometrically organized and precise, he painted the mural without sketching out his idea prior to coming to the wall. Before he arrived, the wall already had the words “Kaip Ne Žmogus” (or, "Not Like Human") tagged on it. Aryz incorporated the text into his piece, and it seems to fittingly describe this otherworldly scene.
Uninspired by the lack of public art in their home town of Aalborg, a mid-sized Danish city, Lars Bonde and Mads Mulvad curated We AArt, the first art festival focused exclusively on murals in Denmark. The fest brought out many diverse talents from different corners of Europe. In our first update, you'll find a large-scale mural by Aryz, who is known for expressing his illustrative style on monumental walls. Also hailing from Spain, Kenor created an abstract wall alive with neon colors and Escif painted a mural with neatly compartmentalized depictions of people and objects that evoke's a traveler's sketchbook. Stay tuned for more murals from Interesni Kazki, Alexis Diaz, Don John and Jaz, whose walls are still in progress as we speak.

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