Cristina Córdova Offers New Installations, Sculptures in ‘cuerpo exquisito’

by Andy SmithPosted on

Sculptor Cristina Córdova’s absorbing and intimate figures inhabit a new show in Hodges Taylor in Charlotte. “CRISTINA CÓRDOVA: cuerpo exquisito” offers works with personal notes for the artist, whether in the pieces modeled after her daughters or the nods to her Puerto Rican heritage. She was last featured on our site here. (Photographs in this post were taken by Lydia Bittner-Baird.)

The artist offers this reflection on the show: “Amidst our daily distractions, we all vibrate with the constant hum of the corporeal, with the unheard dialogue of the body with this world,” the artist says. “‘El Cuerpo,’ the body, holds the biological resonance of our history while emitting that intangible summation that shapes everything around us. It is matter and myth, serving both as repository and beacon. Throughout this exhibition, the figure, in its different iterations, serves as witness to the constant unfolding of that phenomenal interplay between humanity and the complex systems it inhabits.”

Read more about the show on the gallery’s site and the artist’s page.

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