The Recent Sculptures of Michael Craig-Martin

by Andy SmithPosted on

In Michael Craig-Martin’s sculptural practice, he creates enormous versions of everyday objects that appear as though they were drawn. In a show ending this week, he offered new works in this vein at Gagosian’s Britannia Street location in London. This was the first time works in this series were shown indoors.

“This exhibition includes six new monumental sculptures in a medium that Craig-Martin has been exploring since 2011: powder-coated steel forms that describe everyday objects and appear like line drawings in the air,” the gallery says. “The first series was shown in the gardens of Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, England, in 2014, where the sculptures were sunk into the soil of the grounds. The new works in this exhibition depict various items both timeless—as in Fork and Knife (green and purple) (2019)—and distinctly contemporary, as in Headphones (magenta) (2019).”

See more of his work on his site, and read more about his show at the gallery here. Find some of his outdoor sculptures below.

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