Henrik Isaksson Garnell’s ‘In Treatment’ Series

by Andy SmithPosted on

Photographer Henrik Isaksson Garnell “sculpts” his imagery with natural elements such as bones and plant matter, manmade objects, digital effects, and electronic ephemera. The result includes his new series “In Treatment,” a meditation on psychotherapy. The work moves between the cerebral and the surreal.

“A series about the psychotherapeutic process,” the artist says of the series. “Our anger, guilt, ego and shame baptized in this body of work. The sifting through memories and emotions like records. Each piece symbolizes and confronts a demon with certain set of skills. Dealing with the different questions like: How can you reach an understanding with your hate? If I don’t trust my past decisions, will I be able to trust my future ones? Why am I lying to myself? Not only a series about what’s sick but also about the start of a healing process.”

See more of his work below and find his website here.

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