The Sculptures, Installation, and Photography of Melissa Meier

by Andy SmithPosted on

Multidisciplinary artist Melissa Meier combines sculpture, photography, and other forms with surreal—and at times, visceral—results. Whether it’s the wearable, egg-filled sculptures in her “Skin” series or the unsettling masks in “Glass-Eyes,” Meier is able to create otherworldly looks tethered to the natural world.

On her “Skin” series, in particular: “Inspired by Brazilian Carnival and Native American skin-walkers, her wearable constructions blend female empowerment with a self-created mythology, developed around the idea of ancient cultures of female warriors, exemplifying strength, beauty and unity of life lived in harmony with the elements. Her warrior women are breathtakingly sensual, while radiating a searing combination of purity and power.”

See more of her work below. Find her online here.

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