The Startling Oil Paintings of Natalie Featherston

by Andy SmithPosted on

Natalie Featherston’s realistic oil paintings deceptively appear as mixed-media collages, as she faithfully renders the textures of each element of her source. She builds each of the collages that serve as a basis for her paintings, and she says the former part of the process is just as a fun as the latter.

“What inspired me most is the creative voice, whimsy and humor trompe l’oeil allows the artist to express,” the artist says. “Unlike portraits or landscape, good still life doesn’t simply exist around us. You have to build the stage for the painting, selecting the color and textures. The end result draws the viewer in and connects with them in a meaningful way. This is why I’ve always found trompe l’oeil to be a challenge, and although it may qualify me as a one-trick-pony, I can’t imagine painting anything else.”

See more of her work below.

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