Mo Di’s Surreal, Ghostly Paintings

by Andy SmithPosted on

The figures in Mo Di’s oil paintings on canvas appear as apparitions and transient, between reality and a dream. In her latest works, these surreal narratives reflect on femininity and life’s stages. The artist has her first solo show in Shanghai in the upcoming “My Dream is a Cage” at FQ Projects. The show runs from April 22 through June 30 at the gallery.

FQ Projects notes how the artist’s been using a few particular elements in her works: “Her personal style is particularly reflected in her use of light whether it is the strong contrast of light and darkness in ‘The Entrance of Dream and Monologue,’ the shaky light in ‘Ritual’ or the halo spreading the whole image in ‘Lost River,’” the gallery says. “Over the last two years, symmetry and mirroring have been often used, as in the works ‘My Dream is a Cage’ and ‘Wonderland.’ Her vision is extremely dreamlike, inviting viewers to go inside, into a infinite deep space. We fear of falling in, yet do not want to escape.”

One could also note that though much of the work continues fanciful qualities, there’s also a sense of loss and melancholy that runs throughout. Even in the monochromatic works, in their sparseness, a playful game feels both dutiful and somewhat bleak.

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