Colin Raff’s Unsettling Animations

by Andy SmithPosted on

Colin Raff’s “Perturbatorium” is a collection of unsettling animations and collage work. Recalling the work of Max Ernst or Terry Gilliam, the work has a particular movement because of his “step-frame animation” method. The animations are rooted in Raff’s photo-collage work, which he has described as having “distinct 20th c. antecedents (Heartfield, Ernst, Höch, etc.).”

“Collage no longer has to rely on bald juxtaposition,” the artist said, in a Giphy interview. “You might notice that I don’t just take a source picture or two and alter them in an obvious way. The new ideal (speaking just for myself) is that the source material be unrecognizable in the end product. So the object, now, is not to deconstruct extant images, but to build entirely new ones.”

See more of his work below.

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