The Strange Creatures of Erik Ferguson

by Andy SmithPosted on

Whether as still portraits or in motion, the mutants and forms created by Erik Ferguson are disconcerting in their realistic textures. The artist moves between high-profile and personal project, working on the likes of Guardians of the Galaxy and live performances for Rihanna. With assignments like album artwork for The Horrors, the artist’s own sensibilities come through even more.

In an interview, Ferguson talked about how he uses social media for his creatures: “When I first signed up for Instagram and began showing my work, my designs got so many likes and shares I thought ‘Wow, I am onto something here!’” the artist told GridMarkets. “So I started testing my concepts that way. I think it’s particularly important when people don’t just like, but comment on your work. This shows that they are truly engaging with the artwork. I can get hundreds or thousands of comments to an image or video. I take that feedback and work it into my future designs.”

See more of his recent works below.

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