Robert Ek’s Hypnotic, Surreal Loops

by Andy SmithPosted on

Swedish animator Robert Ek crafts absorbing loops, his 3D creations packed with psychedelic, hypnotic situations. The work follows a tradition that calls back to the Mind’s Eye art films of the early 1990s, which circulated as VHS tapes and employed then-progressive digital renders. Like those films, Ek’s videos are best heard with their handpicked soundtracks, sometimes custom-made by the artist. The artist mainly shows his pieces through Instagram.

Ek is part of a StandardVision showcase currently taking place in Los Angeles, which puts the work of animators on a massive, public LED screen. The work is playing on the city’s largest digital billboard through March 4, between 9 p.m. and midnight. The showcase also includes pieces from Luke Choice, Victor Moatti, Nate E Rodriguez, and Vasya Kolotusha.

See more of his work below.

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