Cajsa von Zeipel’s Dreamlike, Transient Figures

by Andy SmithPosted on

The disturbing, dreamlike figures of Cajsa von Zeipel are crafted in mixed media. The artist’s practice moves between polished, bronze creatures and ones created with materials like resin, fiberglass, plaster, styrofoam, steel, synthetic hair, wood, and more. Many seem to be involved in their own narratives, experiencing feelings of terror, ecstasy, or in transit.

“Cajsa von Zeipel works with large format sculptures that carry references to both fashion and teen culture, the Renaissance masters and the classical tradition of sculpture,” a statement says. “They are modeled in polystyrene and the final form covered with a layer of plaster. The white surface, the unclothed figures and the realistic depiction of the tall and thin characters have an aesthetic that is simultaneously appealing and scary. Her figures seamlessly move from the attractive to the repulsive, grotesque and studied.”

See more of the artist’s work below.

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