Thomas Gieseke’s Wild, Surreal Scenes

by Andy SmithPosted on

Thomas Gieseke’s surreal paintings are packed with vibrant and playful imagery, often with a sardonic edge. His works often feature lush backgrounds and creatures from the animal kingdom with flashes of the Western World. Works like “The Extrovert Leaves the Introvert to His Own Devices” show a cynicism and humor toward contemporary attitudes.

“Thomas Gieseke, a Kansas City, native brings together his imagined world with nuances of the native Kansas City naturescapes to create intricate illustrations, a statement from Todd Weiner Gallery says. “By weaving the compositions of the Surrealist Masters Gieseke idolizes, like Salvador Dali, with elements of Kansas City nature he explored as a child, Gieseke creates medium-sized acrylic paintings. These fantastical works explode across the canvas to unlock Gieseke’s fantasy.”

See more work from the artist below.

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