Patrick Jacobs’s Lush, New Dioramas

by Andy SmithPosted on

Patrick Jacobs crafts dioramas viewed through a window and presenting “the viewer with a spatial and perceptual conundrum.” The artist combines sculpture, painting, and other media to create these lush scenes, moving between the familiar and the otherworldly in seemingly endless lanscapes. Recent dioramas have offered a larger, more immersive viewpoint.

“Jacobs draws inspiration from sources as diverse as historical landscape painting and contemporary chemical companies’ home and garden pest control brochures, such as Chevron’s Ortho Books,” a statement says. “Recalling the Claude glass, an optical device popular in the 18th century used to frame the picturesque, the lenses invoke the invisible eye of the wary homeowner searching an otherwise vacant domestic landscape for imagined interlopers.”

See more of the artist’s work below.

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