Matthew Stone’s Painted Figures Made From Digital, Traditional Means

by Andy SmithPosted on

Matthew Stone creates surreal, figurativeworks that are a combination of digital printing and acrylic on linen. The London-based artist, part of the art collective !WOWOW!, has worked in painting, photography, sculpting, performance art, writing, and other endeavors. “Healing With Wounds,” a newer body of work, is said to be “showing diverse bodies at play and in conflict.” He was last mentioned on here.

“Stone’s most recent body of work demonstrates an innate enthusiasm for the development of painting within the framework of art history,” a statement says. “The new works, use 3d modelling software and paint to break with the history of painting on a flat surface, lifting the strokes into a virtual and free space. The addition of shadows and foreshortening creates an illusionistic – trompe l’oeil sense of depth and perspective within the canvases. He organises and examines complex statements in regard to the relationship between painting, photography and computer-generated imagery disrupting the holy status of painting as the ‘cosmic flesh’ of art history whilst simultaneously pushing the visceral experience of paint forward.”

Stone was born in England, and he attended Camberwell College of Arts and graduated with a degree in painting.

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