Sculptor Ronald Gonzalez’s Disconcerting ‘Heads’

by Andy SmithPosted on

Ronald Gonzalez’s “Heads” series, combining found objects, metal filings, glue, wire, wax, and soot over welded steel, is a collection of haunting sculptures. The artist, based in upstate New York, is able to pull from several cultures and time periods in creating these strange works.

“These works are simultaneously beings and things,” the artist says. “The objects that I use have been ravaged by possession and memory. Like us, they have endured with all their marks of desolation. My work speaks to their pathos as part of what is common to all things. These inanimate bodies are a source of sorrow and gesture of accumulation expressing a sorted tone of angst. They are solitary and decaying personas still existing in this world set in their final place as imaginary beings of nostalgia, deformation and mortality.”

See more of his works below.

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