Nicola Samorì’s Baroque-Inspired Deconstructionist Paintings

by Andy SmithPosted on

Nicola Samorì’s paintings and sculptures recreate the elegance of the Baroque and then physically deconstruct it, baring the layers that lie below. The artist’s process is a highly technical one, based on the techniques of the Old Masters, and then scraping, slashing, or tearing for something wholly contemporary.

“Nicola Samorì is an artist steeped in the tradition of 17th century Italian painting and sculpture, but with a determinedly contemporary stance,” a statement says. “His allusions to the inspiration of Old Masters reveals how Samorì shares with them an idea of creating something new out of what already exists by means of artistic transformation. Works such as his figurative busts and sculptures made from wax push the tradition almost as far as possible from the idealized vision of Ancient Greece and the Renaissance to become deconstructed representations of classical sculpture.”

See more of his work below.

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