Jennybird Alcantara Shows New Oil Paintings in ‘Reveries of the Untamed Darlings’

by Andy SmithPosted on

Jennybird Alcantara’s absorbing, vivid oil paintings blend the surreal and the fantastical. In a new show at KP Projects in Los Angeles, titled “Reveries of the Untamed Darlings,” the artist offers a new collection of works. Alcantara was last mentioned on here. The gallery describes her work as “an epic fantasy, where the untamed are the gatekeepers of the mysterious beyond.”

“Jennybird’s paintings teem with anthropomorphic hybridized creatures and botanicals that serve as an extension of the connectedness of nature that draw the viewer deeper and deeper into their world,” a statements says. “Animals don human masks and contemplate their own dual natures. A winged lamb is protected by pensive women in feathered snake bodies while being menaced by foxes below. Is the feral creature retrieving a renegade heart, or stealing it from its protected landscape? The artist’s creatures also seem to exchange mysterious gifts. In these tableaux, the currency is typically the heart, soul and consciousness. The representations of that currency explore a power exchange between beings, with multi-layered interpretations.”

The show starts March 17 and moves through April 14. See more works from the show below.

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