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Former illustrator turned full-time painter Gregory Hergert’s work has been described as “urban Surrealism”. He paints non-traditional themes in a traditional manner, yet allows the medium to shine through the often brutal settings depicted in his work.
Oil painter and Lowbrow pioneer Robert Williams continues to craft stirring reflections of culture. “Robert Williams: Slang Aesthetics" at LSU Museum of Art collects more than 30 paintings "as well as ephemera and drawings" by the artist. The museum partnered with Thinkspace Gallery on the show, which runs through June 17. Williams was last featured on here.
Gregory Jacobsen’s unsettling, vivid oil paintings offer portraits, scenes, and bizarre explorations of the most unflattering aspects of our anatomy. The Chicago-based artist sometimes abandon the figurative, instead offering a vague, writhing mash-up of organic materials. All are rooted in the artist’s fixations and sense of humor.
Whether it’s drawing, acrylic paintings, or mixed-media sculptures, the work of John Casey is a strange, often-humorous assault on the viewer. Casey takes both the familiar and the form of the portrait and bends them to his off-kilter sensibility. Read our 2013 studio visit with the artist here.
Los Angeles artist Anthony Ausgang has long brought both humor, wit, and vibrancy to Lowbrow, moving between a fine art practice and commercial work. In a new interview with Hi-Fructose Magazine, he discusses his path, process, and the broader trends of the art world. He was last mentioned on here. See our chat below.

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