Marion Peck’s New Distorted Portraits in ‘StraVolti’

by Andy SmithPosted on

Marion Peck moves into a new chapter of her practice as she unveils “StraVolti” at Dorothy Circus Gallery Rome on April 21. The show, collecting new works that explore psychological themes and modern art history, presents a series of distorted portraits rendered in oil. “StraVolti” runs through May 28.

“Influenced by the art of Picasso, the Cubist experimentation and the interpretation of perspective plans through modern art, Marion Peck produces a selection of surreal portraits where an excellent classical pictorial technique is combined with modernity,” a statement says. “Characters of different ages, belonging to multiple periods, are represented on a neutral background, without any indication of their social identities and their past. In fact, the painted subjects seem to emerge from the paintings from a timeless, mysterious and fascinating space.”

Meanwhile, at the gallery’s London location, there will also be a “special focus” on Peck’s work with a smaller selection of pieces by the painter. That program begins April 14.

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