A Look at Davide Luciano’s ‘Sheep Nation’ Series

by Andy SmithPosted on

Photographer Davide Luciano‘s “Sheep Nation” series abandons the use of digital tricks and implements prosthetic make-up, meticulous lighting, and several models and crew members to create surreal scenes. Each of the mask applications took up to three hours to apply, and photos from the series move between stirring portraits and scenes from the everyday.

According to the artist, the series “explores a society that is desperate for uniqueness and originality, but ultimately succumbs to ‘following the herd.'” The narratives found in the scene photography explore between the banality of salon and suburban experiences.

The photographer’s personal practice occurs in parallel to his commercial work. “Sheep Nation” is unique for the artist in both it’s lack of food focus and narrow thesis. See more pieces from the series below.

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