Antoine Cordet’s Eerie, Mixed-Media Portraits

by Andy SmithPosted on

French artist Antoine Cordet’s ghostly acrylic and oil paintings appear as portraits that have been tampered with, whether out of disdain or abstractions arising from memory. Despite the seemingly despondent expressions of its subjects, the paintings are given an unexpected energy from these touches. Adding to the mystique is the attire of the youth in the images, which ranges from contemporary to vague costumes. The artist was last featured on here.

“Working primarily with acrylics on canvas, his style is a synthesis of realism and abstraction and with a highly accomplishment in aesthetic,” a statement says. “His portraits feature subjects coloured with mute tones of blacks, whites, and greys, that are then injected with dashes of electric blues, greens, and reds. He also applies thin layers of semi-transparent white pigment across his subjects’ faces, rendering them devoid of emotion.”

See more work from the artist below.

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