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Tag: Die Kunstagentin

Dave Kinsey debuts his new body of work, "Ashes to Ashes," at Die Kunstagentin in Cologne, Germany on February 5. Known for his bold color palette of deep blues and aquatic teals with jarring, red accents, Kinsey went in an abstract direction with this new series of paintings. While humanoid characters are discernible, Kinsey only creates the slightest semblance of recognizable figures. Dabs of color coalesce into desolate landscapes with seemingly gigantic characters towering overhead. Because of Kinsey's techniques, the narrative aspect of the work gets muffled and its formal qualities come to the forefront.
Technicolor maven Maya Hayuk recently opened her solo show "Alles Klar" at Die Kunstagentin in Cologne, Germany. Sparsely hung on the gallery's white, painted-brick walls, the painter and muralist's neon creations have room to breath without overwhelming the viewer. After all, Hayuk almost solely uses neon hues, often overlapping them in kaleidoscopic patterns that subtly evoke folk art forms such as weaving. Each piece attracts the eye like a nexus of energy — as if Hayuk's intense color choices have a sort of gravitational pull. On a mural created at the entrance of the gallery, Hayuk turns up the volume, subsuming a corner of the space in refracted rainbows.

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