The Memory-Filled Paintings of Bendt Eyckermans

by Andy SmithPosted on

Bendt Eyckermans offers paintings in mid-narrative, often based on an actual event or memory in his life. Yet, as our mind often does, the result of recreating those situations is both distorting and delicate. Recent paintings by the artist were showcased in a show at Carlos/Ishikawa in London.

“Eyckermans’ mutated recollections, a copy of a copy of a memory, are constructed on a rough, grainy canvas like a photo that has become blurred,” the artist site says. “And what else is a memory than a depiction (a copy) of a past reality? The photo is adapted to the canvas. Aspects are changed, removed or added. With a pointillist finish here and there, the painting leans even more towards its photographic origins. The technique introduces movement into the image, making it dynamic. Just as dynamic as the memory itself. The spots of paint create the illusion of light. And light enables us to look.”

See more of the painter’s recent work below.

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