Inti Translates Murals In New Show of Canvas Works

by Andy SmithPosted on

In a new show at Itinerrance Gallery in Paris, Inti offers a new collection of works on canvas and installations that take influence from his massive murals across the world. The artist’s surreal scenes combine textures and iconography from cultures and histories from across the globe. The show runs through March 17 at the gallery.

“For many years, Inti never stopped traveling to go paint all over the world,” the gallery says. “For a year, he has settled in his studio to devote himself to the preparation of this exhibition. He took the opportunity to experiment with a new medium: installation. His frescoes featuring Kusillo, a masked figure from the South American carnival, and figures from religious imagery, create rich compositions that often address social issues. The artist will draw symbols from different cultures and from many fields. He takes them out of context to give them a new meaning by juxtaposing them.”

The artist most recently showed work at this space 2013, and before that in 2011. See more of his murals and work below.

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