David Fullarton’s Enthralling ‘Pictures With Words on Them’

by Andy SmithPosted on

David Fullarton, simply, makes “pictures with words on them.” Yet, despite that simple tagline adorning his site, examination of his mixed-media works yields much more than that. His figurative drawings not only reflect something deeply human; they also carry as much of weight of the humor in each work as the text. Fullarton can something that’s at once desperate, hilarious, pitiful, and somehow joyful.

“… He is a man with very low expectations he is seldom disappointed and therefore lives a life filled with boundless joy,” he says. “He has spent most of his somewhat checkered artistic career attempting to create a piece of artwork that doesn’t have words written on it. So far he has failed dismally. In his leisure time he enjoys a variety of smoked cheeses despite lingering doubts about their textures. Perhaps his most prized talent is his uncanny ability to stay out of the way.”

See more of his work below.

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