Miami Art Week 2017 Diary: Part 4

by Andy SmithPosted on

Francisco Esnayra

When you’re faced with fairs measured in dozens, visiting every Miami Art Week offering isn’t feasible if you really want to enjoy it. Our suggestion: Check their social feeds or websites and pick a couple fairs that speak to you. Each one is going to offer some surprises. And even in repeat visits to events like Art Miami and Spectrum Miami, we saw gems that eluded us the first time around.

Milena Martinez-Pedrosa

Antony Gormley

Tim Okamura
In our final diary entry from this week’s Art Basel adventure, we take a look at some familiar and new artists scattered across Miami and Miami Beach. For certain artists, you can click their names to see past Hi-Fructose coverage.

Shigeki Hayashi

Hermes Berrio

Christiaan Conradie

Luke O’Sullivan

Mike Dargas

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