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Along with HOT TEA and AJ Fosik, Okuda San Miguel is part of one of three artists crafting installation projects at SCOPE Miami Beach's atrium (Dec. 4-9), marking Hi-Fructose's 14th year in publishing. We recently caught up with Okuda on his major projects from this year and what's ahead. (He was also the cover artist for Hi-Fructose Vol. 43, available here.)
Looking toward Hi-Fructose's 14th year in publishing, the atrium at SCOPE Miami Beach (Dec. 4-9) will host three installation projects from the HOT TEA, Okuda San Miguel, and AJ Fosik. In the below Q&A, we talked to one of those artists, HOT TEA, about the evolution of his installation practice, traveling the world, and what he plans for the fair.
Francisco Esnayra When you’re faced with fairs measured in dozens, visiting every Miami Art Week offering isn’t feasible if you really want to enjoy it. Our suggestion: Check their social feeds or websites and pick a couple fairs that speak to you. Each one is going to offer some surprises. And even in repeat visits to events like Art Miami and Spectrum Miami, we saw gems that eluded us the first time around.

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