Jose Luis Lopez Galvan’s Strange, New Oil Paintings

by Andy SmithPosted on

The surreal oil paintings of Mexico-born artist Jose Luis Lopez Galvan put elegant, yet strange twists on the familiar. His works recall masters like Rembrandt and Dali, while blending in a contemporary tinge and Galvan’s singular, twisted vision. The artist was last featured on here.

“Generally, paintings, although different, have the same search, that of taking reality and presenting it from a different angle, often looking for the contradiction of the ordinary to bring attention to it, and sometimes highlighting it, somehow trying that what is really true gets discovered,” the artist said, in a past statement with Macabre Gallery. “In each painting I try, with every kind of elements: animals, humans, objects of any type, to create a collage that, in its integration, represents a portrait, not of the aspect of things, but of their essence. They are paintings to be seen not by the artist, but by the spectator, looking for a communication, so somehow the observer is surprised by the different, but feeling familiarity, feeling that behind it there is something that concerns him.”

See more of the artist’s works below.

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