Chao Harn Kae’s Dreamlike Ceramic Sculptures

by Andy SmithPosted on

The surreal ceramic sculptures of Malaysia native Chao Harn Kae are both strange and humorous, combining creatures and appendages with delicate textures. The Hong Kong-based artist’s dreamlike works range in size and mood, as the figures bounce between evoking playfulness and timidness. His charge has been described as “unraveling humanity while remaining true to human nature.”

“Chao shows great enthusiasm in sculpturing clay as a major media,” a statement says. “He also does bronze sculptures and photography. His works reveal humanistic emotions. Through the delicate changes during his art creation, he releases his inmost feelings and emotions.”

The artist is a 1997 graduate of the Malaysia Institute of Art. He’s recently taken part in shows in his native country, Macau, and Hong Kong. See more recent work below.

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