Akishi Ueda’s Surreal, Fantastical Sculptures

by Andy SmithPosted on

Akishi Ueda’s surreal sculptures meld creatures and structures in unexpected ways. The artist pulls from both fantasy and science in building his clay creations. And around each corner of the piece comes a surprising bit of life, tucked inside the contours of his strange animals.

“The surrealist sculpture [created] by Akishi Ueda presents a Miyazaki fantasy,” says Le Site Du Japon, as translated. “Playing on the animal and human forms reinterpreted through the oscillations of the woods, colored with mosses undecided in their position, a sculpture in real attraction for the eye that offers this young Japanese that we could discover in Osaka during the fair UNKNOWN / ASIA, which takes place twice a year and showcases talented young Japanese designers.”

See more of the artist’s sculptures below.

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