Pony Reinhardt’s Tattoos Explore Natural World, Celestial Bodies

by Andy SmithPosted on

Pony Reinhardt is a tattoo artist (and owner) of Portland’s Tenderfoot Studios, where she crafts natural and celestial meditations on the bodies of customers. The artist’s work often concerns flora and fauna with surreal flourishes. And each rendered in just black offer stunning clarity on each wearer’s skin.

“Her body of tattoo work is built on a framework of ritual placemats and alchemical diagrams,” a statement says. “Each piece is a synergy of elemental spell materials, drawing inspiration from the natural world.” The artist herself is referred to as “an astral ruffian, thriving in the wilderness of the lost and found nebulae and dripping carbon monoxide.”

The artist studied at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Elsewhere, Reinhardt’s work been shown in institutions like Smithsonian National Gallery of Art. See more of the artist’s recent pieces below.

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