Zzizzi Boy’s Distinctive, Handpoke Tattoos

by Andy SmithPosted on

Korean tattoo artist Zzizzi Boy uses the handpoke technique for his distinctive creations. This machineless, ancient method consists of hundreds of pokes with a needle and ink. The luminescent quality of Zzizzi Boy’s tattoos, in particular, stand out. The artist has garnered an enormous following for his pieces, which implement atypical colors for the handpoke approach.

“Tattooing from Dumb Head Tattoo, Seoul, Zzizz is an artist with a handpoked style quite unlike anything else,” said the enthusiast site Tattoodo last year. “Handpoked tattoos commonly use only black ink, but not Zzizzi. This artist uses touches of neon pink and green to give his tattoos a unique look.”

See more of his recent tattoos below.

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