Devin Smith’s Tiny T-Shirt Printing Press

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Devin Smith, working under the moniker “Awesome, Thanks,” crafts miniature versions of everyday objects, structures, and scenes, including a silkscreen T-shirt printing press. Smith started making miniatures in 2013, creating a small version of the T-shirt factory that employed him.

Yet, this passion started much earlier than that. As he told The Daily Mini: “As a child, I recall building little cities and places for my toys. One that I specifically remember making was of my Dad. I made the building that he worked at out of LEGOs and random pieces, with him working inside. The parking lot was simply a piece of paper that I had drawn on with markers and a toy matchbox car that look similar to his real one.”

The artist offers this as his stated mission in his craft: “My, Devin Smith’s, mission is to bring the ideas of myself, others, and yes, you, out of our imaginations and bring them to life.” See more objects and scenes he’s translated below.

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