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In the Mia Brownell series "Plate to Platelet," the painter combines the sensibility of classical still life and the scientific investigation of blood cells, examining the relationship between consumers and food. Brownell is currently involved in two shows: a duo effort with Hunterdon Art Museum with Martin Kruck titled "Skepitcal Realism" and a group show at Shiva Gallery titled "Foodie Fever." She was last featured on our site here.
Mia Brownell, a Chicago-based artist and daughter of a sculptor and biophysicist, has a new body of work that she says "simultaneously draw on scientific images of platelets (tiny blood cells shaped like plates) and the history of the painted food still life." The new series is called "Plate to Platelets: and other things that travel and bind,” and it features several new palette paintings. Brownell is featured in the Hi-Fructose Collected 4 Boxset.

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