Chun Sung-Myung’s Surreal, Figurative Installations

by Andy SmithPosted on

Chun Sung-Myung creates surreal, figurative installations full of sculpted characters often having the artist’s own face. These dreamlike situations move between distress, somberness, and a broader vulnerability. The characters, representing part of the artist’s own psyche, often exist in modes of solitude or surrounded by otherworldly creations.

“Chun, who specializes in the traditional techniques of sculpture, creates narrative installations in a completely innovative manner,” a past statement says. “For him, looking deep into himself as a metaphor for the people of this age has been a consistent theme since the beginning of his career. To depicting the journey of exploring the inner self, he has developed his own distinctive style of placing realistic sculptures within a theatrical plot.”

The Korean artist attended the University of Suwon. A more recent exhibition, with sculptures shown above, tells an overarching narrative of “the story of dark night through dawn, of three plots the artist has devised.” Part of the fun—and part of the introspective journey for the viewer—is sorting through these allegories.

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