Giuseppe Pepe’s “Loosing My Mind” Series of Faceless Selfies

by CaroPosted on

The selfie is the self-portrait of the digital age that is changing the way we see and think about ourselves and eachother. But what happens when we remove our faces from our photos? How would we look without our heads? Ibiza, Spain based designer Giuseppe Pepe presents us with this same question in his series of photo manipulations titled “Loosing My Mind”. He describes it as a project of “anti-beauty,” going against our intrinsic desire to present our most beautiful self to the world. The project first came about as a natural extension of his photography work, where Pepe says that he loves photographing and filming everything that he sees and then rework it in his own way. To date, “Loosing My Mind” has captured the attention of nearly 98,000 fans on Instagram, from which Pepe borrows his images and modifies into eerie, yet thought provoking faceless bodies that recall the Surrealistic visions of painter René Magritte. At his website, Pepe explains, “We all often loose our head for something or someone, it may happen every day or at least once in a life time. This happens to all of us and that’s what I want to suggest, How would we look without our heads, without our body engine? Could we frame this pic? This image may look funny, scary, unique… I thought why not to “decapitate” our heads off to see what it looks like. The result came, and sometimes it’s amazing.”

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