Isaac Cordal Reflects on Our Way of Life In “Urban Inertia”

by CaroPosted on

Spanish artist Isaac Cordal recently made Montreal, Canada his playground by hiding miniature cement figures around the city. Covered here on our blog, his art reflects on society by recreating scenes of everyday life with a sense of gloom. In a way, it is a combination of sculpture and photography- a photo can speak a thousand words when it captures his work at just the right moment. For his upcoming exhibition “Urban Inertia” at C.O.A. Gallery, Cordal placed his figures in muddy puddles, cracks in sidewalks and walls, and other unassuming places. Dressed up all the same in gray suits and ties with their briefcases, these multitudes of tiny business men appear isolated and overwhelmed, possibly fleeing some unknown crisis. Although we can empathize with most, Cordal also reveals a less compassionate side of his figures, as in a scene of four men talking on their cell phones while a boat of refugees floats by. The streets, he says, are the perfect place to communicate such despair. Take a look at more photos of Isaac Cordal’s “Urban Inertia” below, opening on October 29th at at C.O.A. Gallery.

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