On View: “The Great Escape” by Peter Gronquist at Joseph Gross Gallery

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Peter Gronquist recently made a considerable departure from his recognizable taxidermy sculptures with “The Great Escape” (previewed here). His latest collection, now on view at Joseph Gross Gallery, is an abstraction of his former self with the same signature playfulness. Gronquist calls the experience of working on the show liberating, a chance to satisfy creative impulses. While his new style may feel sudden, it has actually been a year and a half in the making that was encouraged by comissions for abstract art.

Peter Gronquist (left) and gallery owner Joseph Gross (right) on opening night.

3D busts, candy-colored skulls, and “infinity boxes” of holographic war planes and firearms link his past and future, which moves into a conceptual direction. His watery color field paintings are the most experimental; they employ unusual color relationships with touches of metallics found in his previous pieces. Movement is still a defining charactersitic for Gronquist, as one can almost see the paint work its way throughout the compositions. The gallery’s press release states that he “craves to move away from the representational pieces that dominated his early career”- only time will tell how Gronquist redirects his artistic practice.

“The Great Escape” by Peter Gronquist is on view at Joseph Gross Gallery through November 29th.

All photos courtesy Joseph Gross Gallery.

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